3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate SEO and Email Marketing

Digital marketing can bring astonishing results when you integrate email marketing with SEO. Several methods contribute to the overall marketing strategy. Every niche has certain marketing tactics, which are specifically designed for them. Business houses are supposed to understand how search engine optimization work in combination with email marketing strategy. You can build long-term business prospects by using organic SEO methods. It will help people find you in search results. In order to achieve the next level, establish your brand and build a relationship with visitors, you have to apply the unified strategy of search engine optimization and email marketing.

Email can bring a huge impact on your SEO efforts; let us understand how to benefit from this. Here are three ways to combine email marketing and get overwhelming results in digital marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Newsletter content

In the field of digital marketing, a newsletter is to promote a product, service, occasion or any blog post. You may have seen many newsletters promising to give you exclusive content. However, the reality is totally different. Always remember that you have to send your subscribers exclusive content with which they can relate themselves. If it is about the services or a product they are searching for, then it will make them feel special. Digital marketers are supposed to apply this if they have promised the same in their signup copy.

You can use the same content in your future blog post, which includes an infographic, a research report or software. Re-purpose your newsletter content in a different format to enhance the chances of getting good ranking on search engines. While doing this you need to follow the best SEO practices.

This simple practice of repurposing will make your subscribers know that this is subscriber-only content. It will serve two purposes.

  • It will encourage other people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • This will let the other people believe that you care for your subscribers.

Re-purpose your newsletter content, but make sure that you do not overdo it because it will bring negative results. Your visitors or customers will think that there is no incentive to sign up for your email list.

Personalized content

A recent study has revealed that around 80% of business professionals like to receive personalized content. There are several things, which you can incorporate in order to personalize your content. Digital marketers can also apply this method to their newsletters. You need to conduct a small survey to find out how often your visitors want to receive your newsletter. You can give them options; if they subscribe to their newsletter, then they will receive it once a month. As far as receiving blog content is concerned, they will receive three blogs every week. Give them the option if they want to sign up for a podcast, which you will post every two weeks.

Interact with your subscribers

This will help you understand, whether you are moving on the right track to achieve your goal or not. You can also ask them about writing reviews if they are satisfied with your products or services.

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