5 Things you need to Know about Writing SEO Friendly Content

To enhance the size of your blog audience, you need to write coherent and relevant content. Getting smarter with your content will bring fast and organic results. But at the same time, you have to write in accordance with the search engine algorithms. This is one of the biggest challenges to write optimized content, which is appealing.

Copyblogger has a stated that SEO is the most misunderstood topic on the Internet; on the contrary, it is simple. When you will understand that you are writing for people, then your artifact will shine. Your piece of content is supposed to accomplish two goals; first, it should be appealing to the readers and second, it needs to give a solution to solve a specific problem.

Now a million dollar question is how to create a content, which can meet both these goals? What are the things you need to take care while creating a content, which Google will rank high, and people will admire?

In this article, we will discuss how to write SEO friendly content. This will help bloggers to write organic content, which will draw astonishing results.

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What is SEO?


You may be aware that when you put a search string in the search engine and hit enter. It gives a long list of search results in accordance with your search term. These pages appear in front of you because of search engine optimization. SEO will help your pages rank higher, in comparison with the content of other sites, which are relevant to your search string.

You need to research the keywords you have to use in your content. Select a keyword and use it in your content. If people like your content, they will share it on social media platforms. According to a report published in Redevolution, Google displays those web pages, which are relevant, and authority. Google does it for enhancing the experience of his users.

How to measure relevance and authority

  • The algorithms of Google will analyze your content on several factors. How much you have used the keywords and other words in your content and where you have used them. Usage of keywords is supposed to be in a natural way because Google will understand keyword stuffing.
  • Google will check the authority of the links you are using on that particular page, how trustworthy the provided links are.

Google has changed its algorithms considerably after Panda and Penguin update, now they rank web pages on their quality.

Understanding Copywriting

Write SEO Friendly Content

This is an art to create a content, which will make the users change their mind, buy a product and subscribe to your list. A good content will change the mind of its reader, prompting him to do the same as required by the content.

As a copywriter, you are supposed to understand what your audience likes. Use those words, which are descriptive and appealing. Headlines, phrases, paragraphs will beautify the content and make your visitors buy the products or take your services. It does not matter whether you are a blogger or an online business entrepreneur; this applies in both cases. You will soon become the most sought-after copywriter if you develop creativity in your writing.

You are interested in starting an online business. If you find it difficult to survive in this competitive world of search engine optimization, then it is imperative to create content that is useful, interesting and optimized for search engine algorithms. You need to write quality content on a consistent basis. Users love fresh content and so does the Google.

The word SEO came into origination after Google updates. Bloggers who want to create a content, which can rank higher in Google results. They need to understand the search engine ranking algorithm. If Google will love your content, then naturally, you will benefit from it. A content, which is valuable and has specific keywords, people will love to share this content on social media. This will further enhance the authority of your content and Google will rank it higher for those specific keywords you have used.

Here are a couple of the things, which you need to implement before on-page-optimization.

Site Speed

Site speed plays a significant role in search engine ranking

  • Around 40% of your website visitors will leave your web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to download.
  • A survey report revealed that 47% of users like to visit a web page that loads in 2 seconds or less.

Site speed plays a significant role in search engine ranking since 2010. Check the load time of your site and if it takes more than 2 seconds, you need to take immediate steps to improve it. Remember, even if your content is interesting and solving a problem, your visitors will leave your web page. This is because we have a short attention span. Therefore, if your website is taking more time to load, then it will result in a bad user experience.

Keyword research

Top three search engine results consume more than 66% of clicks. If you want to bring your website in top 3 positions, then it is imperative to know about the keyword research so that you can apply the best practices.

After you have decided the topic of your content, you need to research for relevant keywords in that particular industry.

Optimizing for search robots

Search engine spiders, robots or crawlers, are programs that regularly scour the web. When a robot crawls through your content, it is searching for something fresh. This is the reason why people believe that these robots or spiders will reward you for posting fresh content regularly.

Moreover, Google’s spiders want to know your targeted keywords. This will help Google to categorize your content.


You need to target primary keyword as well as secondary in introduction Meta description and title tags. Do not forget while writing that you are doing it for humans. The art of storytelling will show awesome results. Several types of research have shown that storytelling is the key to exponential growth. As an SEO copywriter, you can make a maximum impact on your readers; by mastering the art of natural storytelling. This will take your brand on a new high.

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