4 Practical Tips to Write SEO Optimized Content In 2019

If you are looking for genuine ways to improve your content marketing, it is imperative to use those practices, which really benefit. Content that has a high ranking and ability to drive organic traffic is always foremost and focused. Here are a couple of tips, which are practical. This will help you create your best and most valuable content of this year.

Write with targeted keywords

Your content will not be able to reach the right people if you do not optimize it with targeted keywords. Targeted keywords are phrases or search terms with which audience of your niche is searching. In order to understand it completely, do the following things

  • Find out the audience segment.
  • Check what kind of information they are searching for.
  • Find out why they are in need of this information.
  • What are the keywords they are using in their search terms?

Audience research

You need to identify the audience who need the same you are offering. You can talk to them to find out their requirements. It would be great if you manage to survey them because it will help you figure out there preferences, habits and demographics.

SEO Optimized Content In 2019

Keyword research

You need to use relevant and profitable keywords in your content. Your SEO optimized Content is supposed to be in accordance with their search intent.

Topic research

You need to focus your content around the targeted keywords. Do detailed research to find out the interest of your audience. Always write content that is relevant to the topic. This will enhance readability.

How to enhance the readability

Content that has a high ranking on search engines is always incredibly readable. When a visitor clicks on your link, every element on the page is supposed to make him stay and read it. This also signifies that your website page is relevant to the information they are searching for. When more and more people will understand your content, they will stay longer on your page. This will help in increasing Google rankings.

Go deeper and give detailed information

This SEO trend is going to rule in 2019, you need to give detailed information about the topic. This year Google will intensify its focus on content quality.

  • This means you need to write longer blog posts of around 2000 words or more.
  • You need to write on different aspects of the topic.
  • Write guides for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • Do not write superficial, go deeper and search for relevant data to use in your blog post.

Improve the speed of your page

This is a simple yet effective tip to get more traffic that is organic. Make sure that your pages load faster because slower speed will make your visitors frustrated and they will close your website and move on to the next. Above all, nobody wants to wait for a website, which is slow in loading. BBC News report published a survey that around 50% of the shoppers do not want to wait for more than three seconds. Nielsen Norman group says that users will leave your retail products selling page if it takes more than 10 seconds to load.

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