White Hat Link Building Techniques that will Work in 2019

In this competitive world, Google algorithms are constantly changing. In order to keep a pace with them, apply white hat SEO for organic results. White hat practices will make the search giants love your website and accordingly they will place it in their search results.

You may have designed several White hat link building strategies to take your digital marketing on the next level. Here are some practical tips with a promise that they deliver excellent results.

Do not underestimate the power of blog commenting

Yes, that is right blog commenting is more powerful than you would have contemplated. This is a wonderful way to promote your content on the World Wide Web and to bring natural traffic to your website.

The same practice will bring negative results when you outsource it or automate it. As a result, your link is posted on spammy sites. Now $ 1 million question is how to find the quality blogs for commenting?

Finding the quality blog

First of all, you need to find a high-quality blog, which is relevant to your website. Comment on those blogs, which you read regularly. Twitter feed will also provide you with some quality blogs.

Another way is to take the help of Google blog search with advanced search options.

Let us understand it by an example. Suppose you want to promote your content for an e-commerce store, which has garments and other accessories.

You need to put the following search strings in Google.

  • Winter fashion trend “comment”
  • Summer shoe trends “submit comment”
  • Summer fashion trends “leave comment”

This command will help Google to understand your interest. In the search results, Google will show only those blogs on which comments are enabled. Check the ranking of the page to make sure they are worth commenting.

Align your content

Find different opportunities to link your business. Start free marketing seminars for local business houses. This way you can meet your potential clients and give valuable suggestions to your community.

Suppose you are running a bakery, you can enhance your visibility by arranging food drives for local shelters. Take loads of baked goods to distribute. Finally, find a journalist who is interested in highlighting your efforts for the community.

Similarly, bar owners can take the help of a journalist who loves innovative business ideas. Give 5% off in the bills to your customers every Saturday if they post a photo of their favorite drink while tagging the location of your bar. Your customers will post their photographs on their social media accounts and this will help you promote your brand significantly. If a large number of customers will do it, then certainly journalists will make news of this event.

Submit a press release

Press reporter is always willing to gather more information on the subject. Send a link of your online press release will make them understand that you are making a conscious effort. You are not merely building the links.

There are hundreds of press submission websites; any of the sites will serve the purpose.

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