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Fresh Transitions of Instagram: an Update

Instagram is the topmost social networking platform of the day. It has billions of users across the globe. Though there are numerous social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Tumblr, it is Instagram that stands out from the crowd. This piece of writing explores the reasons behind the uniqueness of the social platform.

The social networking platforms are the life force of the technology-driven world. It is via these sites that people get to connect and communicate with each other as and when there is a need. They do not stop with allowing you converse with individuals but also facilitates mass communication at the soonest.

Why Instagram?

Instagram was launched in the year 2010 as a platform for the masses to share photos and videos. It became a massive hit in the market by reaching 25,000 users in a day. With time, it gained utmost popularity and now it is no wonder that Instagram has outgrown Facebook which is its parent concern.

One of the primary factors behind the success of Instagram is its simple user interface. Now, who will not love an application that allows them to operate at ease? With Instagram, you can upload photos and videos to let your friends know what you are up to. Similarly, you can get to know what the others are up to. The hashtag feature of it lets you identify the news on trend and follow the same; that way, you get frequent updates on what is happening around.

Fresh Features of Instagram


Now, what makes Instagram unique is that it comes up with numerous updates from time to time. Here are a few key updates of Instagram for you.

  • Redesigned explore tab

Instagram’s explore tab is now ready to provide you with even more categories to choose from including photography. The all-new ‘For You’ option fetches you news as per your tastes and preferences. It is rather a kind of curation based on your past interests. So, it cares to bring you what you like.

  • Improved camera effects

The next feature in the row is the inclusion of AR camera effects. It syncs image filers and helps you come up with the best quality images and videos. Even if you are a novice photographer, you do not have anything to worry about as long as you have Instagram by your side.  It splashes colors up on your memories.

  • Video calling

Besides private chat, the site has also come up with the video calling feature now with the aim of dominating the social space altogether. On a video chat, you can connect with four people all at once. The ones you have blocked cannot connect with you over a video call.

  • Purchase link

Instagram is always a better platform to boost sales and promote businesses. To take it a step further, the portal presents the commercial links in the stories section with a shopping bag attached to it. The shopping bag denotes that there is something in there worth a purchase quickly attracting the attention of the customers.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and explore Instagram to discover what it has in store for you. Have no doubts, you will reap benefits at the best.

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