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Social Media Marketing Tips To Apply In 2019

If you want to stay ahead of your business competitors, then you need to keep a pace with the ever-changing social media strategies. In this article, we will discuss some practical tips to strengthen your social media strategies, which you can apply on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Common social media marketing tips

Common social media tips

Here are some of the common Social Media marketing tips that you can apply to any social network.

Keep your social media profile Updated

First of all, you can take the help of Google. You need to search with your own name and business name to check the ranking on the first two pages of Google results. Check every social media profile to fill the required information. Suppose you have added an online store or blog to promote your business. It is imperative to update the same in your profile.

Promote your social profiles

In order to cross promote your social profiles, link your Facebook profile with other social profiles. Do not forget to use your email signature; you can easily do it with user-friendly applications.

Connect with new people on social networks

Check your email contacts to find new people. Connect with them on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Do not buy followers and fans

If you want to generate organic traffic, then stay away from this practice. People who are not aware of the consequences of fake followers and fans easily fall into this trap. Therefore, Facebook is making strategies to remove fake likes from their pages. Similarly, Twitter tools are also exposing those accounts, which have a long list of fake followers.

Measure your social networking efforts using Google analytics

Google analytics has wonderful features, which will help you understand that how much you are benefiting from social media campaigns. Finally, you will come to know how much traffic social media is bringing to your website and their conversion rate also.

Facebook tips

Facebook is still one of the most sought-after social networks worldwide.

Use Facebook buttons

These buttons are easy to use and they will enhance the popularity of your social media profile. You need to use them to increase the likes of your social media page. It will increase the list of genuine followers of your profile. Another benefit is that Facebook buttons will help your visitors connect you with a single click without leaving your website.

Regular advertising and promoted posts

People who are well versed about Facebook advertising are aware that Facebook advertising has changed significantly. They have added a couple of features to help you promote your posts. You can try other types of advertising, which will help you engage your visitors. This will take them to your website when they will click on your advertisements.

Get fan page alert

This is a wonderful free tool to get email alerts whenever there is a new activity on the Facebook page. This allows you to monitor any page irrespective of the fact that you are an administrator or not. When you are marketing your own page by posting on other pages, this tool will notify you whenever there is a new update.

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