Should you give Dead Cells a try?

Looking for a heavily Castlemania-influenced action platformer that gives you a chance to explore a mysteriously ever-changing castle, while fighting the creepy keepers? Then perhaps Dead Cells might be the thing that you want to give a try. This game is a brainchild of a relatively new French Company, Motion Twins, and this game is mainly designed for consoles and PCs

What to Explore

While exploring the castle, you would unlock new gears and have access to almost mysterious, unnamed places. You have to defy yourself using unique weapons and loot. You are likely to find them on the run, thus building your strength while battling a limitless, yet procedurally combinations, all assembled for different levels. Each of the run you experience us unique. With every exploration, you find new castles, unlock new secrets and randomize loot and various characters.

The Roguelite Features

Like a typical roguevania, you get to control the mass of cells that occupy and control the mortal body of a ‘dead’ prisoner. This happens every time a game starts. While struggling with the creatures that live within, you start collecting armors, weapons, different abilities, money as well as power-ups. Of course, there are enemies, killing whom would help you get health potions or items that give permanent power-ups. Also, there are ‘keepers’ or boss enemies like the Conjunctivitis, the Concierge, the Hand of the King and the Time Keeper. What is more, its minimalistic plot and the fact that very little information is provided to the player, possess new challenge.

Players’ Review

The simple, yet pleasantly vibrant setup, the side-scrolling hack- and – slash rogue-lite path, and the plentiful of runs gives it a unique feel. Of course, the game is brutal, yet frantic and fun simultaneously. Also, players love the built-in breaks in the game help the otherwise hectic gameplay split into manageable bits of the game. Each chunk of the game would approximately last for about 10 to 40 minutes. This means you can try here to play it just about any time, every time, even during driving to the office. A number of users have found some resemblance in between this game and that of Hollow Knight. However, Dead Cells is remarkably lightweight. There is hardly a spooky arena or well-woven map. Instead, if you jump into these guys, you are likely to combat noxious and dark enemies.

Who Would Prefer the Game?

If you are just a chaser who avoid tough bosses, want to give their brain some rest and let the fingers talk, then this is the game for you. It is not easy to play, for the record. You are likely to die a number of times. However, this game gives you the opportunity to choose the blueprint of a number of games. This goes a long way to adopt different game styles. So the bottom line is, it might not be the most intense or the most accessible game to play, but well worth the time you invest in it.

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