7 Best Foods for Concentration- what do they actually do?

Food is a matter of passion for many; you will completely comprehend it especially if you are a foodie. Imagine how good it would be when the food you intake brings in all the health benefits you want. Yes, you heard it right. Food can give you numerous health benefits when you know what to eat.  One of the major benefits is that healthy foods can boost the functions of the brain. Here goes a list of foods for concentration boost up.

Caffeine…!! What more?

Caffeine is a world-class brain stimulant and it's one of the food for concentration.

Caffeine is a world-class brain stimulant. It keeps your brain active and facilitates you to concentrate on what you do. Caffeine is usually found in coffee and chocolates. Take a few sips of coffee whenever fatigue hits you and you can work better for the next few hours.

Balanced sugar intake

Your body needs glucose to stay fresh and it gets its supply of glucose from the sugars and carbohydrates you intake. It is a good idea to drink fresh juice, preferably orange when you need to fuel your body and brain instantly.

Breakfast- No excuses

A Child Eating Braeakfast

Make it a point not to skip breakfast. Well and good if you consider a high fiber diet with fruits and milk products. Breakfast is the first dose of food you eat after long hours of sleep. Without it, your brain will run short of energy and you will feel tired throughout the day. Researches claim that skipping breakfast, in the long run, leads to dementia or memory loss.

Eat fish

Fish consists of rich omega 3 fatty acids that hold greater good for the cognitive development. Increased intake of fish prevents the risks of memory loss, stroke, and other age-related problems.

Chocolates- aren’t they alluring?

Dark chocolates are a good source of vitamin E and caffeine. The antioxidant properties of dark chocolate help improve cognition. Taking an ounce of a fine blend of dark chocolate and nuts is doubtlessly a healthy choice.

Take your share of Avocados

Avocados eliminate bad cholesterol

The intake of avocados promises good blood flow in the body. When the blood flow is perfect, the brain receives enough oxygen to perform its regular functions. Avocados also eliminate bad cholesterol to prevent plague build up. So, it does improve heart health as well.

Blueberries- Ah! How good!

Fruit Food Blueberries Fresh Blueberry Organic

Studies confirm that blueberries contribute to improved cognitive health. A research on older rats comes up with the results that the rats under the blueberry diet show physical and cognitive improvement.

Tips to remember

Do not overeat

Besides counting on foods for concentration, you should also see to that you do not eat more than what your body actually needs. Overeating most often backfires and may also initiate other health issues in the future.

Avoid supplements

You have numerous vitamin supplements today. However, there is no solid proof that these supplements produce right results. It is better to consult your doctor before you decide to go for vitamin supplements. This way, you avoid the unforeseen side effects.

Get set- Go!

Drinking more water, getting sound sleep every night, taking time for simple workouts every morning and investing time in meditation are the other ways to give a good start to your day and stay healthy. Go on now! Cheers!

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