Autism also referred to as autism spectrum disorder is characterized by an abnormality in social skills and communication and unfamiliar behaviors. This is a disorder of verbal skills and is broadly considered in the group of neurological disorder leading to development issues. The behavior is noted as absurd and has a typical stereotyped interest. The patients are found to keep themselves restricted and away from the people. Social behavior is a matter of concern as they don’t interact with the environment due to their poor communication skills.


Autism is a rare disorder occurring among 1 in every 59 children according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). The occurrence of autism is more likely in the case of boys rather than girls generating a ratio of 4 to 1. The autism spectrum disorder can occur in any individual across the globe irrespective of any race, caste or culture. With the increasing years, the subtypes of autism are hiking up. the scientists are hailing in debates behind the cause of the increase of the types of the autism . some are concluding the environmental factors to be the reason behind the disease while some are having a dispute with the fact that it may be a due increase of the autism diagnoses.


Autism is generally observed at the age of 12-24 month after birth. Since it has got many subtypes all are mentioned below.

  • With or without the intellectual
  • With or without accompanying language disorder.
  • May collaborate with genetic or environmental factors.
  • May collaborate with the neurodevelopmental, behavioral

Some of the ASD can be associated with some disorders such as Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, autistic disorder.


The symptoms become prominent during the early childhood days. Though the signs do come up at the age of 12-24 month after birth. The very early symptoms of the disease are a delay in language and social abilities and skills. The patient does have the issue of sharing the emotions and problems with anybody. They tend to lose eye contact with the people up front and have the habit of losing attention in a conversation. Their body language is weird and very difficult to understand. Hence to have a talk with them becomes a hard task. They face issues in maintaining and building relationships.

To conclude, the above-mentioned sign and symptom of them clearly show that it is a severe neurological disorder which leads to personal and social impairment, any child having this abnormality is considered to in the class of special child. The irregular behavior and the body language make them stand up as different from the crowd. it has a genetic cause of fragile X syndrome and also may arise due to mutation. However, the ASD can be diagnosed by some test like developmental screenings, DNA testing, visual and audio tests and many more. However it does not have a permanent treatment but the diagnose is purely controlled by a group of psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists.

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