Benefits of Endurance Training which You Need to Know

A health journal revealed that exercises like swimming, running, and cycling could save you from anti-ageing effects. This is in comparison with resistance training, which involves training with weights. If you will pump the iron, then it is natural that you will have better muscle mass. To slow down the ageing affect you need to include endurance exercises in your daily schedule.

Another study published in a European Heart Journal stated that there are three types of exercises, endurance training, high-intensity training, and resistance training. A similar study in Germany showed the benefits of high-intensity training and endurance training. These exercises can slow down the ageing if they could not reverse the process.

Swimming can slow down the anti-ageing

When we grow older, the molecular mechanism slows down. This is responsible for ageing and eventually leads to cell death. This happens when the telomere cannot protect DNA. Of course, you can regulate the process of telomere by different proteins. In the same regard, enzyme telomerase counteracts the shortening process; it even has the ability to increase the length of telomeres.

A research was conducted on 260 young people who were living a sedentary lifestyle before taking part in this research. They took part in endurance training and high-intensity training. Their lifestyle was changed completely. They have to take at least three workout sessions of 45 minutes each in a week. During the course of this research, they completed 124 sessions. Researchers analyzed telomere length and telomerase activity in the blood cells of these volunteers. They took samples of the blood at the start of the study and after seven days. Finally, they took their blood sample after the last session of exercise.

Volunteers who were doing high-intensity interval training, their telomerase activity, and telomere length were increased. Both of these things are important for healthy ageing. You cannot substitute endurance training with resistance training. Both have their own benefits. European Society of Cardiology recommends including high-intensity training and resistance training in the exercise routine for maximum benefits.

There are several types of research, which have shown the benefits of strength training on the cardiovascular system of the body. Pumping the iron will make your bones strong and increase muscle mass. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, endurance training is more effective in reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. Health experts advise taking the sessions of weight lifting with cardiovascular exercises. This will strengthen your body and you will get anti-ageing benefits.

Endurance training benefits athletes as well as aged people. Even if you are not training for a sport, you can avail its benefits by including activities like cycling, running and swimming in your lifestyle.

It will keep your heart healthy

American College of Cardiology revealed in their research that runners have 45% fewer chances of developing heart diseases. This is in comparison with non-runners.

Prevents age-related decline

Researchers analyzed the brains of 700 adults between the age group of 24 to 76. They noticed significant benefits of running, walking and cycling. They discovered that exercises increased the production of the chemical that prevents age-related decline.

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