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Unexplained weight loss- Exploring the reasons behind

Weight loss is a natural phenomenon of the human system. However, if you undergo exceptional weight loss at a rapid rate, it is not good to ignore it. Yes, unexplained weight loss demands immediate attention. So, consult your doctor as see sand when you see signs of it.

People do welcome weight loss and there are many who invest time in workouts to bring up weight loss in them. In this case, they induce weight loss. But then, unexplained weight loss in a span of a few months is not natural. Here are some major issues that contribute to such unintentional weight loss.

Muscle wasting

Muscle loss is one of the chief causes of weight loss. This may happen due to advancement in age, physical inactivity, Osteoporosis, Sclerosis, arthritis, stroke, and even an unexpected injury. Medical experts also claim that individuals confined to desk jobs are at the risk of muscle loss.


Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition where your thyroid gland secretes excessive thyroid. Thyroid secretion usually contributes to metabolism. With too much of thyroid production in your body, your system will burn down the calories at a faster rate. This leads to weight loss even when the food intake is perfect.  Increase in heart rate, tiredness, anxiety and lack of proper sleep are the major symptoms of hyperthyroidism.


Arthritis is a condition where your immune system starts attacking your joints leading to inflammation in there. This leads to faster metabolism resulting in unexplained weight loss again. You can relate arthritis to advancement in age, heredity, hormonal imbalance, excessive weight gain, and obesity.


Type 1 diabetes may contribute to weight loss. With the pancreas becoming weak, there is a lack of glucose production in the body. So, even the necessary calories leave your system. The symptoms include dehydration, weakness, vision impairment, excessive urination, thirst, and hunger.


Do you know that a deep psychological disturbance leads to health deterioration? Yes, it certainly does. Depression affects the part of your brain that connects to your appetite. This way, you do not consume what your body actually needs. Signs of depression are loss of interest, excessive irritability, and lack of concentration, total exhaustion and sometimes even suicidal tendency.


Tuberculosis commonly known as TB is a contagious disease that affects your lungs. The bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is the reason behind TB. It affects your appetite and induces weight loss to a much greater extent. If your immune system is strong, it shall fight against TB which is known as latent TB.  Chest pain, severe cough, excessive night sweating, fever and coughing up blood are the major signs of tuberculosis. Patients of diabetes, HIV, leukemia and other similar diseases become easy targets to TB.


Cancer causes the unexplained weight loss

An individual becomes a cancer patient when the cancer cells of the body split up and spread along the body at a quicker pace. Weight loss is a primary symptom for cancer and it is the same for cancers in stomach, pancreas, lungs, and esophagus. Muscle wasting, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and deterioration in appetite are common in cancer victims.


HIV weakens the T- cells of the immune system making your body open to infections.  It results in Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome shortly termed as AIDS. Excessive weight loss is an important characteristic of this disease. Mouth sores, muscle aches, and physical weakness are obvious signs of the disease.

With all these said, the best to do is to consult a doctor if you experience unexplained weight loss. The cure comes handy when the problem is detected at the earliest.

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