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How to make the most of your India trip – The beginner’s guide

As someone who is traveling to India for the first time, you might not know what to expect. Is clean water easy to come by? What are some important customs to observe? How do you stay connected? We’ve put together a comprehensive beginner’s guide to allay your fears.

Be careful what you eat

Some people have gone to India and become horribly sick. Most times it’s because the food did not agree with them. To avoid getting sick, it is imperative that you do the following:

  • Only eat cooked food and avoid anything raw, including juices and salads.
  • Avoid street food. E-coli is a common bacteria found in unsanitary food.
  • Before traveling, take probiotics and charcoal tablets because they boost the good bacteria in the stomach.
  • Finally, avoid extra spicy food because chili tends to act as a laxative.

Stick to bottled water

Stick to bottled mineral water. Trusted brands in India include Bisleri, Kinley, and Aquafina.

Investing in a water filter. That way, if bottled water is not available, you can filter tap water or other possibly unhygienic sources.

For extra safety, you can first boil water and use iodine tablets. Finally, remember that electrolytes are crucial. Bring a box of electrolyte powder with you to stay properly hydrated.

Observe temple etiquette

The numerous temples in India are a key reason tourists visit India. However, please realize that there is a certain etiquette to be observed if you are to enjoy the experience.

For one, always leave your shoes at the temple’s entrance. If you are afraid about safety, leave them at a local shop where you buy flowers. Second, bring offerings. Often, the offerings tend to be flowers.

Finally, bear in mind that temples tend to chaotic and crowded. Bring earplugs and find a quiet place to meditate if that’s on your plan.

Use a VPN if you are using public Wi-Fi and invest in a local sim card for fast internet connectivity

Before traveling, it is essential to learn what a VPN can do for you in India. To start with, public Wi-Fi is innately unsecured. Why? Because you have no idea who set the Wi-Fi network up and you do not know who else is connecting to it. For all you know, it was set up by cybercriminals whose goal is to steal your financial information.

Therefore, invest in a VPN that can secure the public network thanks to encryption. Moreover, the VPN will deal with any geo-restrictions in India. That means you can still enjoy Netflix and any other favorite streaming platform.

Also, it helps to invest in a local sim card because you will access 3G and 4G internet speeds. Moreover, with a sim card, you have access to internet 24-7.


When it comes to handling money in India, note that you need cash. Airports have the worst rates so, opt for ATMs. A Citibank ATM, in particular, is ideal because it allows you to withdraw more than 10, 000 INR per time.

Always conceal your money under clothes to avoid pickpockets. For example, you can use a passport pouch. With the above in mind, you are ready for India.

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