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Massive Solar and wind farms In Sahara Can Make it Green

In the present scenario, minimizing the use of fossil fuels is a necessary step to avert the climatic changes. We are sincerely putting our efforts in the right direction to go green. We need to stay aware of the repercussions of those things we do for the sake of development.

Yan Li and his colleagues conducted a research in the Sahara Desert that what will happen if they install Massive solar and wind farms in Sahara. They hypothetically found that when massive solar panels and wind turbines were installed in a specific area. That particular part of the land and its surroundings became warmer and rainier. This could turn the parts of the Sahara Desert into a green belt, which we never had contemplated before.

Massive solar and wind farms in Sahara

The scientists researched to find out the maximum amount of solar and wind energy, which these farms can produce. They have chosen the Sahel as the transition region to roll out renewable energy because this part of the land is near to the Middle East and Europe. However, the other demands of this land are limited. Moreover, Sahel will benefit from economic development after the erection of massive solar and wind farms in Sahara. This area will have a good amount of water. They can use this water for agriculture purpose and to supply in the cities. This will give more energy, which they can use for desalination.

First, let us understand the reason responsible for conducting the study of this particular land of the Sahara. Li chose the Sahel because it is a sparsely populated area. This part is close to Europe and the Middle East. We all are aware that there is a heavy growing demand for energy in both the places.

How turbines and panels can create warmth and bring rain?

After installing the turbines and solar panels, the temperature of that particular area will rise. This is because when turbine blades will bring air down to the ground, it will make the ground even warmer especially at night. Therefore, scientists have observed the same by installing remote sensing equipment in the field. They have noticed a significant increase in the moisture level.

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy. This increases the warmth of the surface.

Massive solar and wind farms in Sahara

This is the right time to make it happen

We cannot take such big decisions, keeping in mind the environmental impacts alone. There are several things, which we need to consider and economic viability is one of them. After the development of a renewable energy site in the Sahel, it will turn the tide in our favor. Here are a couple of other things to consider before we opt for this.

The Sahel is not densely populated, but still, people live there. This is their motherland and they may not be willing to vacate it because of its cultural importance. Finally, a million dollar question is, can we vacate this land in an easy-going manner. Is it possible to make the people of Sahel understand the importance of this project so that they can leave their land willingly?

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