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Visualizing the Air Quality in Your Home  

You cannot see microscopic air pollutants present in your home. If you could, you will be surprised to see the number of pollutants. Researchers from the University of Utah conducted a study to check the air quality inside of homes. If you aware of those activities that are deteriorating air quality, then you can avoid them. Researchers have suggested that this will bring behavioral changes in homeowners.

The purpose of this study was to make people aware of the consequences of invisible air quality. Assistant Prof Jason from the School of computing said homeowners are aware of something, and then they can take preventive measures.

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Daily Chores

Cooking dusting or vacuuming can be a daily task for you. The above study has revealed that because of these tasks, the air pollution inside your home will worsen. People who are suffering from asthma may notice aggravation in his symptoms. Bad air quality affects elderly people as well as young.


The scientists from the Department of Electrical and computer engineering build portable monitors to check the air quality. They connected these portable monitors with the university server through Wi-Fi. This is a study was conducted over a period of 11 months in Salt lakes and Utah counties. They installed three sensors at specific locations in each home for collecting the data. Scientists installed two sensors inside the home, one in the kitchen and another one in the bedroom where traffic is high. They fixed the third sensor outside the home or in the porch area.

These monitors automatically measured the air for droplets and sent the information to the University server. If a homeowner is willing to see this data, then he can view this information on an Amazon tablet. A record of 30 days air pollution was available to homeowners for viewing. This will help them find out spikes in the air pollution. Homeowners had the facility of voice-activated Google home speaker so that they can label a particular time. They only need to ask Google do it, to save that particular moment for future reference. If a homeowner is aware of those household chores, which are worsening the air pollution, they can stop it. They can check whether dusting or vacuuming is bad for air quality.

The researchers from their system of sensors also revealed a couple of interesting facts. One homeowner discovered that when she is cooking with olive oil, air quality in her home goes down. This made her choose other oil for cooking which can produce less smoke while cooking.

Another homeowner revealed that she vacuumed her home because a friend with allergies was about to come. After cleaning she was surprised to see through the MAAV system that the air quality worsened inside her home. She activated more pollutants by her dusting and vacuuming. After realizing this, she cleaned the house a couple of days before the friend would visit. Visualizing air quality and saving the data was a difficult task. Now with technological advancements, you can easily do it.

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