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Breathtaking Wall Decor Ideas for a Small Space

Many people who live in smaller houses believe they cannot do much to enhance the looks of their living space. However, the art of wall décor can help transform even a small hall into a beautiful one, accentuating the overall look. Modern living trends have spread their wings most innovatively- making a difference in the interiors even with barest minimum investment. All you have to do is- pick a wall in the room that has most of the open space and comes up with an idea surrounding it. Once you are sorted which wall to work on, below-given ideas might help you amp up the look of your room.

Cover the whole wall with one piece

If you are too confused about what all things you can use to make that one wall of your room look good, one sure shot way of achieving that is by going with one single painting- a big one! This painting should be as big as your wall itself, covering the wall from corner to corner. It could be a painting or even a photograph.

However, ensure that this painting does not have too many colors. Sticking to painting with at most three colors would be a good idea. The more colors your painting had, the more cramped up and crowded the wall might look. Try matching the color of the painting with the color of the wall. This would be an amazing, minimalistic way of decorating your wall.

Make your wall gallery

Wall gallery is one of the best Wall Decor Ideas

If you have your wall colored white, one incredible idea to bring life to the wall would be turning it into a little gallery. When you choose different paintings and photographs, stick to a theme. Pick photographs and paintings that have a similar color palette and matching the theme. This would turn the wall into a gallery representing different photographs and paintings, adding color and theme to the wall. When you choose pictures right from black and white to colored and hang them all on the same wall, it might create an ambiguous, confusing, and cluttered look. So, choose a theme and stick to it.

Use mirrors

Using mirrors can be a nice idea if you want to decorate your wall and make your room look a little bigger. However, you would have to do a little bit of homework and work on the idea before getting into action. As obvious as it could be- the mirror would show what is in front of it. If your living space is all filled with furniture, accessories, and whatnot, the reflection would be nothing but clutter. So, make sure the wall and space right in front of the mirror have little furniture or things. That being done, the mirror would show a beautiful reflection of nicely done space and furniture.

Use your painting skills

If you are good at painting, it might as well be a good idea to try your painting skills on the wall of your living room. However, make sure you are confident about your skills unless you are okay with the aftermath of bad painting skills (just in case). Painting a mural would be a good idea; and if you can’t, you can as well get someone paint the wall if the idea seems too good. Make sure your painting matches the theme of the furniture that lays in the living room. If you have wooden furniture, you can try a vintage look, like painting a bit of Egyptian civilization. If your furniture is too contemporary for that, you can as well settle down for modern art.

Have shelves

If hanging paintings and photographs are not your things and you are more about vases and sculptures, having a few shelves mounted on the wall would be a good idea. Based on how many things you plan to have on the shelves, you can decide the number of shelves. Keep a reasonable distance between shelves so that it does not look like you have stuffed too many things in a small space. Here again, if you follow a theme, it would make your living space look better.

Today, a majority of people live in smaller apartments to save money and time involved in maintenance. That being said, it is not that hard to decorate the wall of your living room, even if it small.

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