7 Exclusive Features of the All New Android P

Google, the manufacturer of android keeps coming up with updates from time to time. Each update has a catchy name of its own and is naturally more advanced than the previous versions. We have eight android versions so far and the ninth update Android P is going to hit the market anytime now. The official date of release of Android P is not known yet, however, the techies like Evan Blass predict that it will be out on August 20, 2018.

 Update about Android P

The technical advancements of the Android phones bring anything and everything within our reach. The updated android versions provide you with more advanced options. Now, owning a phone that operates on the newest Android version is a matter of pride especially when you step on to the social sphere. If you are on the lookout for the latest Android version Android P will be here for you shortly.

Perks of Android P

Android P

Just like any other android update, Android P also has its unique set of merits. The version will adapt itself to the ways of the user with artificial intelligence machine learning programmed at its core. Here are a few key advantages that the all new Android P will provide you with.

  • Indoor Navigation

The Wi-Fi Round- Trip- Time or RTT feature tracking provides you with an indoor GPS tracking system. With this feature, you will be able to track your way in a particular closed environment say, a building or a shopping mall.

  • Gesture Navigation

Your phone with the Android version will have only one home button instead of three which is similar to iPhone X. You can swipe up to find the recent tabs and toggle between them easily. Similarly, swiping to the left will fetch you the frequently used apps.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard of android P helps you to keep an eye on the time you spend on your phone. The factors that the dashboard takes into account includes the time spent on each app, the number of times you unlock your phone, number of hours the phone is used per day and the number of incoming notifications. You will view the information in the form of a pie chart.

  • Timer for Apps

Timer for Apps in Android P

You can set the time limit for the use of each app and when you hit the deadline, you will receive a warning notification so that you can get back to work. This way android P takes care of the digital well being of the users.

  • Supreme Notch Support

 The newer android version adapts the display of contents as per the notch of your phone. No matter if the cut out of your phone is broad, narrow, or tall; Android P will take care of it.

  • Slices feature

The Slices feature allows you to perform a particular task outside the corresponding apps. For instance, if you search for cabs on the internet, a separate slice will appear displaying various cab options in connection with your search.

  • Lockdown Mode

When you enable the lockdown mode, the fingerprint lock of your phone will automatically be disabled and the PIN number or pattern option will come to replace it. This way, nobody can forcibly take your fingerprint to get access to your private information.

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