Convert Image File into a Word Format

These days, data conversion has become an important part to manage a large amount of data related to different industries. The major benefit of data conversion is that it leads to improving the data accessibility. It makes your work so easier that you can view and edit the document in any format on a computer with different features. In such a manner, anyone can maintain the files and documents and become familiar with different kind of formats.

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There is an overflow of software programs in the marketplace. Some are expensive, some work slow and some are not trustworthy. It is difficult to get reliable and high-performance software. If you will think to try them one by one, you get frustrated. To save your precious time and assist you to select the authentic software, here you can opt for JPG to Word Converter from the company Soft solutions.

It effectively converts your JPG file into Word format. It modifies your output images with high image resolution, image position, image color, and image size. This software allows storing the output file in the preferred location. It makes a single click to convert your file

Advantages of JPG to Word Conversion

Converts single or multiple JPG files all at once

You can carry out some other task when you are doing a batch conversion of files simultaneously because it takes the same time in doing single or multiple file conversion.

Supports all the image formats

All popular image formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF are supported by this software. Besides JPG format, you can try any of these. You will always get the desired result.

Processes a large image file

Many software are unable to support the large size image file. But, JPG to word Converter does not matter regarding the file size.

Edit image properties

You can easily make changes to the Image file properties like color mode, position, etc. It can digitize your file in black and white or color format according to your preference. Moreover, you can make the necessary changes regarding the position of the file using “Auto Rotate” option. If your image file is skewed, it has an option of “Auto Skew”. Your file will be corrected by this option.

File Security

Most important feature of this software is that it gives you the watermark and password protection. No illegal source can steal the information of your file.

Support DPI Setting

DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting is the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital image. The higher the DPI, better will be the quality of the image file. Colors in the image will also look improved if the DPI is higher.

In Summary

Once downloaded, you can digitize your JPG files to required formats in fast speed with high accuracy and quality, no need to worry about network connection or the security risk. It is a more than JPG to Word Converter because it is providing you so many advanced features that you will not get them anywhere else. If you are finding a JPG to Word Converter with the high performance yet lowest cost, it is definitely your best choice.

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