Opera Unveils Mobile Browser With Cryptocurrency Wallet For Android

In the last few years, the buzz regarding cryptocurrency and its potential has gained momentum significantly. Not only more cryptocurrency variants are appearing on the horizon, but developers have become more interested in developing specialized apps for using cryptocurrency. While the lack of any widely accepted standard and regulation acts as a bottleneck, a few companies are taking the initiatives to make Cryptocurrency usage more comfortable for the masses. The latest move by Opera software is making headlines. The Norwegian browser maker has come up with the first dedicated Cryptocurrency wallet for Android within a first browser.

Aim to promote cryptocurrency usage


Opera is not new in bringing innovations to the users. Despite its frugal share in the browser market, it has always received praise for introducing innovative features and thinking ahead of the times. The company introduced VPN within a browser and launched an embedded ad blocker- before the more popular rivals thought about the feature. The latest move by Opera is aimed at increasing the usage and acceptance of cryptocurrency among general web users.

Opera for Android with crypto wallet

The usage of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrency types is on the rise through the pitfalls, and general confusion regarding their usage persists. The Opera for Android with crypto wallet has been developed the clear the messy situation cryptocurrency users find themselves in at times. With this browser installed, you will no longer need to get an extension or third-party app in your Android device for cryptocurrency storage and transaction needs.

Taking it slow

Opera has taken a slow and steady approach to make a move to introduce first ever cryptocurrency wallet in its Android browser. Firstly, it has stuck with Android and not dabbled with other popular operating systems for which it has standard browser variants. Secondly, it has released the Cryptocurrency wallet with the mobile browser in a beta form. Opera has not made any declaration on the plans to launch the wallet based browser for other platforms and OSes.

Opera’s crypto wallet Android browser

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera wants its new browser with inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet to appeal to those new to this technology as well as seasoned cryptocurrency users. The software stores user information on the device and resorts to built-in authentication mechanisms of Android OS for safety. The users need not, therefore, deal with remembering passwords and run into issues if they forget.  The biometric security metrics stored by the devices will be used to make transactions with cryptocurrency.

Using the crypto wallet in Opera’s new Android browser, users can either create a new wallet or import an existing one. Then they can receive and send money using the browser. Besides, they can make online purchases in websites where crypto transactions are supported. Opera has chosen the Ethereum platform for its growing popularity. In future, it will help more such cryptocurrencies, as per the updates. The crypto wallet has the potential to transform how digital payments are made using mobile devices. It can help Opera consolidate its position in the emerging segment.

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