The 5 Important Highlights of Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation goods are one of the most sought after accessories to play games in the digital era. The PlayStation does undergo updates with the changing needs of the players. If you are one of the PlayStation lovers, here is a surprise for you. Yes, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is going to hit the market soon. The experts in the sphere guess that it will probably have its launch on August 24, 2018. The company has announced that it is going to come up with limited editions (probably 50,000) of PS4 Pro to celebrate the sale of half a billion systems across the globe. Place an order in advance to grab your share once it is launched.

The activity of playing games is largely switched on to the digital platform with the technological advancements today. The PlayStation, in particular, has attracted the attention of numerous lovers of digital games overthrowing the traditional video games set up. Just like any other technological accessory, the PlayStation also undergoes changes so that it can become smarter. Now, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has created intense waves of curiosity among the digital audience even before its official launch.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with the controller in front of the monitor

Perks of PS4 Pro

Since Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the hottest cake of the day, here we are to explore the perks behind its popularity.

  • 4K Graphics

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is inclined to give the users an enhanced virtual experience. Yes, it has incorporated the 4K graphics feature and the player will be able to witness every virtual vibe around him when he is on the game.

  • Enhanced Appearance

PlayStation 4 Pro has better physical features than PS4 which is its parent system. The former is much deeper, wider and taller than the latter and that gives it an impressive outlook. PS4 Pro comes with two ports to connect the game controls and a port at the back to connect a USB device if necessary. The touch sensitiveness of the keys is under control in this version.

A Man Playing games in the PS4 Pro

  • Power Boost

You can activate the boost mode to impart more power to your games with PS4 Pro. Besides increasing the power at play, the boost mode provides you with more clarity on the screens with better frame rates. The newer version offers you various fresh games to explore all day long.

  • HDR Technology

The PS4 Pro games have a fresh design base so that they are compatible to the latest HDR technology. With HDR at your aid, you will feel that you play the game for real though you are actually on the virtual mode. Imagine you driving a Ferrari or punching a wrestler on the face. Doesn’t it sound good? HDR also presents you with a wider range of colors and shades making the visuals more appealing.

  • Specification Change

The system runs on 8 core AMD Jaguar processor and 8 GB GDDR5 RAM just like PS4. However, its speed is 2.13 GHz, unlike PS4 that runs at only 1.6 GHz.

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