WhatsApp to Partner with Google to Make data backup

WhatsApp is all set to collaborate with Google to provide a better user experience now. Yes, your WhatsApp backup data is not going to consume your Google drive space anymore. On account of the commercial understanding between the two companies, the storage of your WhatsApp data on Google will be absolutely free. Trustworthy sources claim that the deal will kick start on November 12, 2018.

The social media channels of the day do not stop with making personal and mass communication easier but also serve as a platform to exchange different forms of data in no time. WhatsApp is one such social portal where voluminous data are transferred from one person to the other every day. WhatsApp does make sure that your data is backed up every now and then so that you do not suffer a loss of data in the times to come.

WhatsApp Data Backup

The backup includes various forms of information such as text messages, pictures, and videos. You naturally need digital space to save all the data and your Google drive serves the purpose right. However, the WhatsApp backups do consume a great deal of space that the Google drive has to offer. Now, this turns out to be problematic for the users, especially the ones who use a paid space on Google drive. To solve the issue, WhatsApp and Google have come to partner up with each other. You may find authentic statements regarding the collaboration on Google’s official blog and the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of WhatsApp. As per the team up, if you have a paid Google drive space of 200 GB for instance, it will remain as such even after the WhatsApp data backup.

Once the deal is active, Google will delete all the data that remain without the backup for a year and more. With this, it is advisable that you make a manual backup of all your data before the stipulated date just to be on the safer side. Google sends notifications to its users regarding its agreement with WhatsApp insisting them to make fresh backups of WhatsApp data and refresh the previous backups before October 30, 2018. In case you need a little help, here is how you can go for a manual backup. Go to Menu=> Settings=> Chats=> Chat backup and finally click backup. Prefer a WiFi setup when you go for a data backup so that you do not face internet speed fluctuations when the backup is in progress.

Act before it is too late so that the digital data that you hold dear reaches the massive Google space safely. Once you do it, you can retrieve the data as many times as you want in future. Here is a gentle reminder; as you know, the chats on WhatsApp are subject to an end to end encryption so that no third party can intrude into your privacy. However, the images and videos on WhatsApp remain with less protection even when they hit the Google drive.

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